Do You want to know the truth?

This question, and the one that followed it, changed my life. I believe it can change your life also. Do you want to know the truth about God? Is he real? Does he love YOU?

If you can answer yes to this question, then I challenge you to do what my sister challenged me to do —

Ask God to show you if He is real and if He has a plan for your life.

I asked, and he did show me. He has shown others who have asked, and has dramatically changed our lives, bringing us joy and peace.

God will answer all who ask Him with sincerity of heart. You can know the Truth, and it will set you free. So,

Do You really want to know the truth or don’t you?

Ask Him now. It’s simple.

Dear God, if you are real and if you have a loving plan for my life, please show me. Thank you.

That’s all. Now it’s up to Him. He is able to make it clear to you in just the right way. For me, it took six months before I was willing to accept the truth, though he put many signs in my path to show me. For a friend of mine, the answer came quickly, the very night she asked as God stepped into her life and brought her peace when she was terribly frightened. He works with each of us in the way that is best for us.

Please check out the ‘My Reflections‘ page, there are postings that may help you. Some are words of inspiration that I believe God is speaking. Some are my thoughts and reflections on how God has and is working in my life. If you have a comment, please feel free to post it.

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